Posted by: winterjasminereiki | August 14, 2010

Spiritual Animal Healer Program

I am dedicating a whole post to The Spiritual Animal Healer Program, as this energy system is very in-depth, designed for healing both domestic and wild animals, and their environment.

Although you don’t need to have been attuned to Reiki to use this system, a knowledge of energy work in general would be useful.

The founder of this system has also requested that it should be offered at a price that reflects the system’s value, and the amount of work that was required to create it. There are 6 Levels, and a total of 7 attunements, each lasting 20 to 30 minutes (total 2h20 – 3h30). I am therefore pricing this system at £21.

You will receive 7 attunements and 6 manuals, which together form a complete system. The manuals provide information and guidance about working with animals, their behaviour and their needs, in addition to explaining what each symbol represents, and suggestions on how to use them all.

  • Level 1: Animal Communication. This first level strongly enhances your ability to understand and communicate with animals, including telepathic communication. Training is given in working with an animal’s aura and chakras, and also in finding lost animals.  There is one symbol.
  • Level 2: Emotional Trauma Animal Healing. This level provides a symbol for use in healing emotional trauma. Information on the possible causes of emotional trauma is included. There is one symbol.
  • Level 3: Physical Animal Healing. This level provides a symbol for use in physical healing. In addition, guidance on using a ‘healing stone’ is given as an aid to focus and strengthen the energies. A pet-food recipe for sick animals is also provided, along with instructions on how to care for animals who may be very ill. There is one symbol.
  • Level 4: Animal Behaviour. This level connects you to a higher level of energies, assisting your understanding of animal behaviour, and the root causes of “behavioural problems”. There is one symbol.
  • Level 5: Wild Animal Environmental Healing. Level 5 relates to wild animals, their habitats, and raising the consciousness and understanding of people who harm or kill animals through ignorance, fear, and a lack of compassion and understanding. There are two symbols.
  • Level 6: Crossing Over Animals. Level 6 provides guidance on assisting animals crossing over to the other side. There is one symbol.
  • Bonus: Animal Protection. The two symbols provided through this bonus attunement can be used for both wild and domestic animals, intending to protect them from accidental or intentional harm.

This attunement is now available through my website.



  1. What a beautiful gift this is Jo!!! I am pleased you are offering it and fully plan to take advantage of this Light filled energy!! TY for all that you do! xo

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