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Crystals ROCK! An Overview.

Crystals rock!

A brief overview on crystals and their energies.

Many of us have had some connection with crystals at some time in our lives. Precious gems enclosed within engagement rings; or perhaps ruby, sapphire or emerald ear-rings, possibly a bracelet containing garnets or amethyst. Maybe we have crystal chip bracelets, or a chunk of carnelian. Gemstones have been mined and set in jewellery for centuries. They’re pretty to look at, after all!

A very quick science bit! Wikipedia puts it succinctly: a crystal is “a solid material, whose constituent atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.” The majority of crystals were formed many thousands of years ago, usually a result of cooling and solidification of liquids.

One of the most popular crystal types are the quartzes – clear and other near-transparent quartz can have “inclusions”, which form when liquid, solid or gas (even ‘air’) become trapped when the crystal is ‘growing’; inclusions usually add to a crystal’s beauty and character. Then there are the rose and smoky quartzes, with hues of pale pink or misty brown. Amethyst (purple) and citrine (yellow) are also types of quartz.

Denser coloured stones are also very pretty; the tiger’s eye (usually brown with cream markings), sodalite (dark blue with white streaking), amazonite (a vivid green with white markings), aventurine (a solid, soft green), garnet (dark red) and carnelian (deep orange) are just a few in my collection.

But have you considered the ‘energy’ contained within these tiny rocks? Crystals of all shapes and sizes have their own ‘subtle energy’.

The energy of each type of crystal is unique. People who are naturally (or trained to be) sensitive to subtle energies (such as Reiki) can often sense the crystal’s energy when held in the palm of the hand. Each crystal has a different ‘vibration’ to it, and these differences can be felt when handled. Crystals are often used as an adjunct to Reiki sessions, or can be used alone as a healing session in their own right.

As with all colours, crystals can be linked to the seven main chakras (subtle energy centres) in the body, which follow the colours of the rainbow from the bottom up.

The base or root chakra (at the base of the spine) is associated with the colour red, so you might choose a small garnet ‘tumblestone’.

Orange relates to the next chakra (sacral) around the belly, so maybe you’d pick carnelian.

Yellow citrine is often used for the solar plexus chakra, and green aventurine for the heart chakra. Moving up, you might choose sodalite (blue) for the throat chakra, amethyst (violet) for the brow chakra, and clear quartz for the crown. Many stores sell such “chakra sets” for a reasonable price.

Rose Quartz is symbolic of, and associated with, love of others – and the self. A great gift for someone you care about! Start with you!

Crystals can be programmed for specific functions, charged with Reiki, or simply used “as is”. You can use the stones either on or close to the body during meditation, or simply carry one or more of them with you. I usually sleep with one or two crystals under my pillow.

There are also energy systems and empowerments that can be used to work with the stones.

Some crystals need to be cleansed regularly (including using water, earth, or air, depending on their chemical make-up) so that their energies remain clear, as many absorb the vibrations from the healing session or environment, which can inhibit or cloud their own innate energy. As some crystals can be damaged by (even dissolve in) water, a crystal-keeper needs to know how each type of stone should best be cleansed.

Clear quartz, known also as the “master healer”, needs no such cleansing, and can be used to keep other crystals clear and energised. It is also helpful to keep clear quartz near your computer, as it absorbs the EMFs and any other negative energies that may be in your environment.

Some crystals help lift your physical energy; some are supportive of emotional harmony, or mental balance. Some are ‘grounding’, some assist meditation, some prevent you from the negative energies of others (those people around whom you always feel drained!) They all have a different “skillset”, which is one of the reasons we like to buy lots of them!

I often buy crystals online (and then stick to stores I am happy with); if buying in-person, some say that a crystal draws you to it, such that you’ll know its the right for you. Occasionally, when you no longer need a certain crystal, it will ‘get lost’ or find its way to someone.

I hope you have enjoyed this overview on crystal energy. I plan to write further articles on some of the crystals that I use.

A good reference book that I use over and over again is “The Book Of Crystal Healing” by Liz Simpson.

I will be referring to this book when writing future crystal articles. Different books/sources may provide different “uses” for each stone, so I prefer to use just one reliable source!



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