Posted by: winterjasminereiki | June 16, 2010

Refer A Friend Bonus

Do you have friends interested in energy work? Are they aware of Winter Jasmine Reiki?

I am offering a free bonus to you when you refer someone to my website, and they make their first purchase from me.
As a thank you for your referral, I am offering you one or more free items from my site, up to the equivalent value of their purchase.
This applies only to your friend’s first purchase from me. You may refer as many friends as you wish.

So how does this work in practice?

  1. Let’s assume you have a friend, Jane, who has never purchased from me before. (It doesn’t matter whether or not Jane is already a ‘fan’ of Winter Jasmine on Facebook.)
  2. You tell her about Winter Jasmine Reiki and the referral bonus, and she browses the website.
  3. Jane  is interested in the items offered and decides to make a purchase.
  4. She chooses ‘5 Angel sessions’ for £5, and also the Silver Rain attunement, costing £8. She sends me £13 by Paypal.
  5. She also lets me know (either via Paypal message, Contact Me form, or email) that you referred her to me.
  6. You send me an email, or complete the Contact Me form, confirming that you referred Jane, and letting me know which items (up to a value of £13) you wish to have from my website.

In Summary:

  1. Your friend makes a purchase totalling £x.
  2. S/he lets me know that you referred him/her.
  3. You contact me to confirm the referral, and to let me know which items you would like, valued at £x or less.

I hope that’s clear and easy to follow! This bonus is available starting….NOW!


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