Posted by: winterjasminereiki | May 20, 2010

New attunements Part II

A short post today to announce that two further attunements have been added to the website (click here to access the relevant Attunements page.)

Musical Notes Reiki ♪♫♫♫ ♪♫♫♫

This energy system uses the principles of sound healing, with each of the seven major musical notes being aligned with each of the seven main chakras. This is a very easy system to use.


Improved Allergy Protection

This easy-to-use energy system is designed to assist you through the seasonal allergies from pollen and insects. You are attuned to a histamine-blocker, a ‘particulate screen’ which goes around your aura, and an etheric crystal which helps to neutralise toxins and irritants.

Does either system resonate with you? (Pun intended!) Please see the website for additional information. ☺


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