Posted by: winterjasminereiki | May 1, 2010

The energetic vibration of words




This is not an exhaustive post on the vibration of words; else I’d be probably be writing it for months! This is a general introduction to the concept and use of words as energy.

I have been using switchwords over the past few months. For anyone to whom this is a foreign idea (as it was to me), the concept of switchwords was developed by James Mangan. I could write pages on switchwords by themselves! However, a concise summary is that each switchword is a tool to gain a desired effect or outcome.

As an example, Mangan determined that the switchword CURVE would make something appear beautiful. The switchword BE is used to obtain/maintain good health or a feeling of well-being. GIGGLE is used to get into the mood for writing, and CANCEL used to remove a negative thought from your mind. There are many more words, all with a different role/focus.

I tend to use these as focal words when meditating – using whichever switchwords seem to suit me best at the time. However I have also used ‘normal’ words – positive words such as Joy, Love, Calm, Happy.

Many of us know by now of the amazing power of intention. Many of us may use visualisation as a means of manifesting something (whether that be money, health, or simply feeling calm and centred.) Visualisation is a topic for another day. My point is that visualisation generally uses words as well as images, and it is the intention of the word that I am interested in.

All words carry a vibration – just like sound, light, and other invisible energies such as electro-magnetic fields. Depending on whether a word is positive or negative (or perhaps, neutral) we will be affected positively, negatively (or not at all.)

This is why people often say you should be mindful of what you speak. By using negative words, you can in fact attract more of that negative experience to you. You are giving off a “low vibration” and hence you attract more of that low vibration. By changing the words that you use to positive, high-vibrational words, you attract more of that positivity into your life. This also applies to words you use to/about others. What are you saying to them? What are you intending for them?

How do you feel if you quietly or silently recite the word Joy? Try it for a minute or two.

What about Peace?


Or try this : “I ask that I now receive the energy of the word ‘Peace‘ for 10 minutes.”

Give yourself time to tune in and sense this subtle energy….perhaps try it in bed as you wait for sleep (I find I am most aware of subtle energies at this time.) If you don’t sense energies in this way, try to see how you feel emotionally when receiving this energy.

How does that feel to you?

I have made a list of positive words and try to use one or more each day, to keep my vibration high – to keep my body and mind well (or restore it to wellness.)

Why not try making your own list, and choosing one word per day to concentrate on when you have spare time? If you don’t have 5 minutes spare, then perhaps you’d benefit by creating some?!

One last thing: we are all human, and we all mistakes. Please do forgive yourself when you realise that you have been using negative words. It happens to us all. Let it go, and re-focus on positive words. Then forgive yourself when you lapse again…and again…and again….it is a process, and it takes time to release an old way of thinking and create a new one.

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to receive feedback.



  1. Beautiful! I have not heard of the concept of switch words. I will be using this in the future, starting today! TY, as this is very timely information, especially BE!!!! Many blessings to you! ❤

  2. Saw your post on Facebook. I love this idea. I am going to think of other positive words to receive energy from. Thanks for posting!

  3. Thank you to both Reikidolphin and intuitive connections for your feedback..I truly hope that the information in this post helps you and those close to you in both the short-term and the longer-term.

    BE is one of my most-used switchwords!!!!

  4. Like Reikidolphin, I’d not heard of switch words either … what a fabulous concept, I must find out more (here comes the OCD again *sigh*). Lovely post, Jo, thank you so much for sharing … my four favourite words are PEACE, JOY, BLESSINGS and GRACE x x

    • Callie, I’ve just dredged this post up from the archives and seen your comment! I don’t think I had a notification from WordPress.
      So nearly 2 years late, thank you for your comment, and great words to choose! 🙂

  5. I have not heard of switch words either and just love the idea of them. I shall be trying this tonight when I go to bed using the word CALM. Thank you for posting xx

    • Thanks for your feedback, Elaine! Let me know how it goes xx

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