Posted by: winterjasminereiki | April 20, 2010

You’re worth it!

Its definitely a time for re-organising! Last week was the website move (and its better), yesterday it was adapting and merging my distant healing tracker spreadsheets (its now much easier to manage), and today I’ve moved the lounge furniture around….now I get to work with a sea view!! (much better!) Hope my hubby approves of the last one – he hasn’t seen what I’ve done, yet! 😉

Its up to each of us to think about how our well things in our lives are “working” for us. Granted, not everything in our lives can be changed right this minute (although our attitude to it can).
If its not working, and you can change it for the better, take that small step towards improving it.
You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

So take a moment right now (or make a note to spend a minute on it later.)
What small step can you take to make your life easier or happier?
Do just one thing today with that aim in mind!

You deserve it!

You’re worth it!


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