Posted by: winterjasminereiki | April 16, 2010

New home for website

Yesterday was highly frustrating –  my website hosted at was unavailable for 36 hours in total. This is the second outage (the first was for nearly a week) and it spurred me into creating a new site at I have updated the ‘About’ tab with the new link, but add it here too: Winter Jasmine at Yola.

The way that pages/forms/widgets work at Yola is a little different, so I learned a lot yesterday by good old trial and error. It is now complete – and I have updated the site at to lead to the new website at Yola. The site will remain, and will be our backup site in case of emergency!

Things happen for a reason – and this problem has resulted in me creating a better website, with space for as many Webstore items/stores as I could wish for (I was limited to 5 web store items at  I’ve done the best I can with the new site (especially in less than one working day) so I hope hope hope that you like it!

I’m going to make a very well-deserved cup of tea now. 🙂


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