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I have taken the decision to move my blog to the Winter Jasmine Reiki website.

The articles and posts already made here will remain, for reference.

I have copied the most recent post on the Smoky Quartz crystal to the new blog to provide some continuity.

All future articles will be posted to the new blog.

Hopefully this move will prove to be a good one!!!!

Thanks for reading!



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Smoky Quartz

This post is a very brief introduction to the smoky quartz crystal.

If you have not previously read my Crystals Rock! post, you may like to read it now for a general overview of crystals.

So – what exactly is smoky quartz? As its name indicates, this stone is a member of the quartz family, which I have to say is a firm favourite of mine.  All quartz stones have a similar composition in terms of:

  • chemical make-up (silicon dioxide)
  • crystal formation (trigonal) and
  • hardness (7 on the Mohs scale.)

Smoky quartz usually has a soft translucent dusky brown shade, although it can range from a pale, almost transparent stone right up to a deeper and denser brown.

In terms of connection with the chakras, smoky quartz is sometimes linked with the solar plexus (3rd) chakra, which is usually associated with the colour yellow, and with personal “power” and fulfilment. The solar plexus chakra is also related to the emotions of fear and anxiety, so using smoky quartz can help balance and stabilise this chakra and these emotions.

More often, smoky quartz is linked to the root/base chakra. This is due to its gentle grounding properties. Its effects may be felt more slowly than other grounding stones such red jasper, but the energies may be more sustained, and more long-lasting. Smoky quartz can also be helpful in releasing negative energy. It is my belief and experience that anxiety and fear can often result from a lack of grounding. Thus smoky quartz, working on both the solar plexus and root chakras, can be a particularly helpful crystal if you have a tendency to anxiety or feeling a bit “spaced”.

Smoky Quartz tumblestones are readily available online or in crystal shops, or if you have the means, you might like to splash out on something a bit bigger! If you’d like a custom-made piece of jewellery, then I recommend Charms of Light.

Some of the information provided in this post has been taken from Liz Simpson’s “Book of Crystal Healing”, ISBN 1856750299.

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Guest blog by belifehappy ~ introduction to nlp

introduction to nlp

What would happen if you could understand what your manager was saying to you?
What would happen if you understood whether the man across the bar fancied you?
What would happen if you could hit that hole in one?
What would happen if you could change your career?
What would happen if you could finally get that diet right?

It sounds like magic…and although it isn’t, it really does feel like it! NLP (neuro linguistic programming) creates change consciously and now.

Neuro Linguistic Programming was founded in the late 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Based on research and observation of hypnotherapy and other psychotherapy treatments a range of ‘tools’ were created within NLP to identify and change our beliefs and values in order to achieve and be who we want to be.

NLP works with our internal and external representational system of what we see, feel, hear, understand, taste and smell, our attitudes, values and beliefs. We learn all of these through childhood, so what would you think now if I told you, you can re-learn these? We file away our experiences, thoughts and feelings, and how we do this affects how and what we do everyday, from fearing to drive, thinking you’re not good enough for that promotion, to wishing you could really get on with your diet.

We have on average 60,000 thoughts each day which is why our personal filters come in great use to help us focus on everyday, allowing our conscious mind to action our thoughts and our unconscious mind to feel and create. However, as we grow and change so do our values and beliefs and sometimes we are just not in alignment and therefore no change occurs…just that we are ‘going to try.’

Becoming aware of our feelings and controlling our thoughts creates great self empowerment. However in order to move forward we are required to learn and release the negative aspects of our past.  As I’ve just mentioned we file and store all our experiences from childhood.  Our unconscious does not process negatives, therefore it will, when a similar unresolved experience occurs, reveal itself to you, to your conscious for you to have another chance to learn and release.  These negative emotions are categorised into these 5 areas: anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.  This is why we have a tendency to repeat negative patterns of behaviour because we haven’t accepted and learnt from the experience and emotion. Using Time Line Therapy™ a coach will guide you back to the  first event in which each emotion was experienced, allowing you to learn from it and subsequently release the emotion and all following experiences right up to now! In some cases this therapy removes limiting beliefs and values and creates HUGE shifts for you to BE and to DO.

Communication and language is a huge area within NLP where you can discover more about how we communicate with others and how they communicate with us.  Of our communication 93% is unconscious. ONLY 7% of our communication is the words we use. 38% is the tone of our voice and 55% is our physiology (body language).

Communication is a very important part of our lives. We do it constantly and not always consciously! So learning how you communicate can help you personally and professionally. NLP looks at:

Eye patterns

Relating to our emotions and thought processes, therefore you can see where the person you are talking to is recalling their information.

Physiology & Body Language

Has a great impact on your communication, either face to face or on the telephone.  In face to face situations mirroring body language is a great tip for building rapport.

Sensory acuity

Awareness of changes to our skin tonus, colour, breathing, lower lip size and as above, our eyes. For example the tone of you skin changes depending on whether you are talking about something positive or negative!

So once you have learned how to make your 93% of communication more effective, NLP introduces you to look at the language you use and how you use it.  There are four representational systems for the way we communicate, either through seeing, feeling, hearing or understanding logically (visual, kinesthetic, auditory, auditory digital) and we each will have a stronger, priority representational system…we really do speak a different language!

NLP opens the door to self awareness and awareness of others.

Understanding the effects of the language you use helps you change and select words and a representational system which gets your message across and delivers the results you want.

Now you know just how powerful your mind is, can you image what would happen if you could create your dream goals and make them happen? Using SMART goals and all the representational systems to create a “movie scene” of your goal, seeing it, feeling it, hearing it and being there, making it brighter, sharper, bigger, and louder, you intensify your mind and body to align with your goal and then using Time Line Therapy™ you can place your goal in your future!

Our mind and bodies communicate. We require inner balance and alignment of our values and beliefs to our dreams to be able to live those dreams.  NLP helps you discover what is blocking you and removes those blocks with you so you CAN DO and WILL DO!

The key areas of your life NLP can help are:

  • Personal & professional relationships
  • Health, fitness & weight management
  • Sports achievement
  • Fears and phobias
  • Stress & time management
  • Confidence & communication
  • Releasing negative behaviour patterns
  • Learning & motivational strategies

NLP simply opens the door with you.  How we feel in our body is a response to how we have been thinking, and with NLP coaching you begin to learn how to be in control of your thoughts and create YOUR life.

Written by Emma Lannigan, founder of belifehappy
Restoring & maintaining balance in your life.

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Newsletter Sign-Up

A quick post today just to say that I have registered with a site through which I can write and issue Newsletters!

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about starting for a while – but had not found the “right” site.

Now that I have, I have created my account, and written a test Newsletter to make sure I send out what I think I’m sending ….

To sign up is really easy – just add your email address, make sure the “Subscribe” button is selected, and hit ‘Submit’!

You can unsubscribe or change your email address at any time.

If you have already agreed to me emailing you (e.g. through the recent SurveyMonkey survey), then you don’t need to sign up again…unless you particularly wish to do so! 😉

I’ll quickly mention 3 new attunements that I added to the site last week:

  • Virus inhibitor Field
  • Yintang Healing Energy
  • Ethereal Cystals.

That’s all this time – have a great weekend!

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Spiritual Animal Healer Program

I am dedicating a whole post to The Spiritual Animal Healer Program, as this energy system is very in-depth, designed for healing both domestic and wild animals, and their environment.

Although you don’t need to have been attuned to Reiki to use this system, a knowledge of energy work in general would be useful.

The founder of this system has also requested that it should be offered at a price that reflects the system’s value, and the amount of work that was required to create it. There are 6 Levels, and a total of 7 attunements, each lasting 20 to 30 minutes (total 2h20 – 3h30). I am therefore pricing this system at £21.

You will receive 7 attunements and 6 manuals, which together form a complete system. The manuals provide information and guidance about working with animals, their behaviour and their needs, in addition to explaining what each symbol represents, and suggestions on how to use them all.

  • Level 1: Animal Communication. This first level strongly enhances your ability to understand and communicate with animals, including telepathic communication. Training is given in working with an animal’s aura and chakras, and also in finding lost animals.  There is one symbol.
  • Level 2: Emotional Trauma Animal Healing. This level provides a symbol for use in healing emotional trauma. Information on the possible causes of emotional trauma is included. There is one symbol.
  • Level 3: Physical Animal Healing. This level provides a symbol for use in physical healing. In addition, guidance on using a ‘healing stone’ is given as an aid to focus and strengthen the energies. A pet-food recipe for sick animals is also provided, along with instructions on how to care for animals who may be very ill. There is one symbol.
  • Level 4: Animal Behaviour. This level connects you to a higher level of energies, assisting your understanding of animal behaviour, and the root causes of “behavioural problems”. There is one symbol.
  • Level 5: Wild Animal Environmental Healing. Level 5 relates to wild animals, their habitats, and raising the consciousness and understanding of people who harm or kill animals through ignorance, fear, and a lack of compassion and understanding. There are two symbols.
  • Level 6: Crossing Over Animals. Level 6 provides guidance on assisting animals crossing over to the other side. There is one symbol.
  • Bonus: Animal Protection. The two symbols provided through this bonus attunement can be used for both wild and domestic animals, intending to protect them from accidental or intentional harm.

This attunement is now available through my website.

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Crystals ROCK! An Overview.

Crystals rock!

A brief overview on crystals and their energies.

Many of us have had some connection with crystals at some time in our lives. Precious gems enclosed within engagement rings; or perhaps ruby, sapphire or emerald ear-rings, possibly a bracelet containing garnets or amethyst. Maybe we have crystal chip bracelets, or a chunk of carnelian. Gemstones have been mined and set in jewellery for centuries. They’re pretty to look at, after all!

A very quick science bit! Wikipedia puts it succinctly: a crystal is “a solid material, whose constituent atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.” The majority of crystals were formed many thousands of years ago, usually a result of cooling and solidification of liquids.

One of the most popular crystal types are the quartzes – clear and other near-transparent quartz can have “inclusions”, which form when liquid, solid or gas (even ‘air’) become trapped when the crystal is ‘growing’; inclusions usually add to a crystal’s beauty and character. Then there are the rose and smoky quartzes, with hues of pale pink or misty brown. Amethyst (purple) and citrine (yellow) are also types of quartz.

Denser coloured stones are also very pretty; the tiger’s eye (usually brown with cream markings), sodalite (dark blue with white streaking), amazonite (a vivid green with white markings), aventurine (a solid, soft green), garnet (dark red) and carnelian (deep orange) are just a few in my collection.

But have you considered the ‘energy’ contained within these tiny rocks? Crystals of all shapes and sizes have their own ‘subtle energy’.

The energy of each type of crystal is unique. People who are naturally (or trained to be) sensitive to subtle energies (such as Reiki) can often sense the crystal’s energy when held in the palm of the hand. Each crystal has a different ‘vibration’ to it, and these differences can be felt when handled. Crystals are often used as an adjunct to Reiki sessions, or can be used alone as a healing session in their own right.

As with all colours, crystals can be linked to the seven main chakras (subtle energy centres) in the body, which follow the colours of the rainbow from the bottom up.

The base or root chakra (at the base of the spine) is associated with the colour red, so you might choose a small garnet ‘tumblestone’.

Orange relates to the next chakra (sacral) around the belly, so maybe you’d pick carnelian.

Yellow citrine is often used for the solar plexus chakra, and green aventurine for the heart chakra. Moving up, you might choose sodalite (blue) for the throat chakra, amethyst (violet) for the brow chakra, and clear quartz for the crown. Many stores sell such “chakra sets” for a reasonable price.

Rose Quartz is symbolic of, and associated with, love of others – and the self. A great gift for someone you care about! Start with you!

Crystals can be programmed for specific functions, charged with Reiki, or simply used “as is”. You can use the stones either on or close to the body during meditation, or simply carry one or more of them with you. I usually sleep with one or two crystals under my pillow.

There are also energy systems and empowerments that can be used to work with the stones.

Some crystals need to be cleansed regularly (including using water, earth, or air, depending on their chemical make-up) so that their energies remain clear, as many absorb the vibrations from the healing session or environment, which can inhibit or cloud their own innate energy. As some crystals can be damaged by (even dissolve in) water, a crystal-keeper needs to know how each type of stone should best be cleansed.

Clear quartz, known also as the “master healer”, needs no such cleansing, and can be used to keep other crystals clear and energised. It is also helpful to keep clear quartz near your computer, as it absorbs the EMFs and any other negative energies that may be in your environment.

Some crystals help lift your physical energy; some are supportive of emotional harmony, or mental balance. Some are ‘grounding’, some assist meditation, some prevent you from the negative energies of others (those people around whom you always feel drained!) They all have a different “skillset”, which is one of the reasons we like to buy lots of them!

I often buy crystals online (and then stick to stores I am happy with); if buying in-person, some say that a crystal draws you to it, such that you’ll know its the right for you. Occasionally, when you no longer need a certain crystal, it will ‘get lost’ or find its way to someone.

I hope you have enjoyed this overview on crystal energy. I plan to write further articles on some of the crystals that I use.

A good reference book that I use over and over again is “The Book Of Crystal Healing” by Liz Simpson.

I will be referring to this book when writing future crystal articles. Different books/sources may provide different “uses” for each stone, so I prefer to use just one reliable source!

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What’s new at Winter Jasmine?

Hello! I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last blog post! Where did that time go?!

I’ve not been idle over the last few weeks – as well as working most days on Facebook and Twitter, and continuing my free distant healing work, Facebook Events,  and passing attunements, I’ve been tweaking, and adding to, the website. Apologies that this is quite a long list of updates!

Following a survey that I published relating to the Healing Sessions that I offer, the clear message that I have been given is that my sessions are considered either “Brilliant value” or “Very good value”, but the respondents feel that they can not afford them, due to low or irregular income. I have therefore created a new website page called ‘ Just One Pound‘, which offers smaller bite-size sessions and packages, each for just £1 (currently approximately $1.53 US). There is no limit to the number of times you can purchase any of these sessions/mini-packages; I am aiming simply to offer paid healing that is easily affordable, as an addition to my free healing work.  Why not have a look and see if something appeals to you?

I also have several new packages/programmes in the planning stages, and will announce these as and when they are released. I seek to provide you with what you feel you need/want, so your suggestions are always welcome! If you’d like to complete my Survey, please click here. It’s only 10 questions in length, and the final question offers you a free healing session as a thank you for your time and thought.

A few new attunements have been added:  Pregnancy Reiki (for men as well as women, as it is designed also to help with fertility issues; and also can be used on animals), Rainbow Aura Essence, designed to balance your aura and bring you tranquility, and Gold Reiki.

I have added several new free Empowerments, including Earth Blessing Empowerment, Heal the Gulf Reiki, Money Blessing Empowerment and the Dental Shakti system.

I have been providing a weekly card reading using one of my three Doreen virtue oracle card decks. There is also an online Path of the Soul Oracle card deck that you can use at any time.

Be Inspired now includes daily wisdom from Abraham (Esther & Jerry Hicks).

As my clients and readers span the globe, I have added a page devoted to timeclocks for 4 major timezones.

There is now a little Chatbox for you to leave comments, messages, etc. This is just a fun thing I fancied adding! Everyone needs playtime! I do check it regularly.

I have also added a new Video for ‘healing the waters’ and  a new testimonial – I forget to ask for the latter! You can send me a testimonial at any time, using my Contact Me form. When publishing this on my site, I will identify you only by your initial and country, or you can remain completely anonymous if you prefer!

I was also privileged to be able to take this photograph of a splendid dragonfly this week:

I hope that you are all having a fabulous day, whenever you read this, and as always wish you the best in all your challenges and endeavours. 🙂

Jo 🙂

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Refer A Friend Bonus

Do you have friends interested in energy work? Are they aware of Winter Jasmine Reiki?

I am offering a free bonus to you when you refer someone to my website, and they make their first purchase from me.
As a thank you for your referral, I am offering you one or more free items from my site, up to the equivalent value of their purchase.
This applies only to your friend’s first purchase from me. You may refer as many friends as you wish.

So how does this work in practice?

  1. Let’s assume you have a friend, Jane, who has never purchased from me before. (It doesn’t matter whether or not Jane is already a ‘fan’ of Winter Jasmine on Facebook.)
  2. You tell her about Winter Jasmine Reiki and the referral bonus, and she browses the website.
  3. Jane  is interested in the items offered and decides to make a purchase.
  4. She chooses ‘5 Angel sessions’ for £5, and also the Silver Rain attunement, costing £8. She sends me £13 by Paypal.
  5. She also lets me know (either via Paypal message, Contact Me form, or email) that you referred her to me.
  6. You send me an email, or complete the Contact Me form, confirming that you referred Jane, and letting me know which items (up to a value of £13) you wish to have from my website.

In Summary:

  1. Your friend makes a purchase totalling £x.
  2. S/he lets me know that you referred him/her.
  3. You contact me to confirm the referral, and to let me know which items you would like, valued at £x or less.

I hope that’s clear and easy to follow! This bonus is available starting….NOW!

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Reiki by donation, Attunements, and Facebook

There have been a few changes over the last couple of days.

Reiki sessions (of 15 minute duration) are now available in exchange for a donation.

There is no set fee. You can also choose from several different ‘flavours’ of Reiki!

You can donate £2, or larger amounts in multiples of £2.  Read more.

A few more attunements have been added to the site:

~ Abundance And Success Empowerment Reiki:  Read more.

~ Homeopathic Ki 1-13:  Read more.

~ Magical Nature Reiki: Read more.

~ Healing Flush Levels 3 & 4:  Read more.

I have also re-designed the forms on my website (again!) Now Try Me!, Contact Me, and Free Distant Healing have beautiful new forms for you to use – the major benefit is that I no longer have any monthly limit on form use. Yay!

After you submit a form, you will see a small advert (a graphic image, not a video). You can either click on the link back to my home page, or close the page down.

The Winter Jasmine Facebook community continues to grow, now at more than 200 fans (or ‘people who like this’). To celebrate, I am holding a free healing session for all fans today. This will utilise the energies and support of my Diamond of Prosperity, the Archangels,  Angels, and Ascended Masters, and will focus on abundance, health and harmony. If you’re on Facebook, why not join us?

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Orb of Life ~ Loan Option

A short time ago, I launched a new option through which you can try out one of my Orbs of Life for 48 hours.

I’ve just realised that I had not written about this on my blog!

The Orb of Life is an “etheric ball” of high-frequency, life-force energy.

This energy system was created by Ole Gabrielsen, and is one of my absolute all-time favourites!

The Orb of Life is very versatile and it’s wonderful way to learn to ‘play’ with energy.

You can read about the Orb of Life here. At the end of that page, I have listed several options for you:

  • I can send you an Orb of Life healing session through the Try Me page (free, or you can make a donation)
  • You can purchase a series of 10 healing sessions (including aura, chakra and meridian optimisations) for £5
  • You can purchase the Orb of Life attunement for £8, which provides you with your first Orb, and enables you to create others
  • You can now borrow one of my Orbs of Life for 48 hours, to use as you wish, in exchange for a donation, which can be as little as £1. If you’re not sure whether having your own Orb of Life is ‘right’ for you, the new loan option lets you try it for yourself at minimal cost to you.

If any of these options appeals to you, please visit the Orb of Life page on my website and follow the link that is appropriate for your option.

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